Getting Traffic to Your Site with Keywords

Do you want to get more traffic to your site?

One strategy is to target “long tail keywords” on your website. It works better to target 100 specific visitors searching for a “long tail keyword” than to target 100,000 visitors searching for the main keyword.

Why Use Long Tail Keywords Instead of Your Main Keywords?
Your main keyword is most likely very competitive to rank with. Gaining rank for main keywords can be very labor and time intensive – or you can simply put a lot of money in to Google Adwords for pay per click ads.

But a more cost effective way is to build content on your site that will gain you traffic over time. You can use use long tail keywords to build content around your these specific keyword phrases and get to the top of Google search results for less searched for phrases.

A long tail keyword is a keyword grouping of three or more words. In this example below, it would be hard to compete and gain google search ranking for the main keyword of “website designer.” However, if you made unique pages or blog posts containing the long tail keywords, you have a much better chance of people searching for that long tail keyword of finding your page.

Main Keyword – Website Designer
Long Tail Keyword 1 – Website Designer Phoenix
Long Tail Keyword 2 – Website Designer Phoenix Arizona
Long Tail Keyword 3 – Affordable Website Designer Phoenix Arizona
Long Tail Keyword 4 – Small Business Website Designer Phoenix Arizona

Why Should You Use Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords have lower competition. Even though these keyword phrases are low traffic words, if you use this strategy in blogging and creating a large amount of pages containing long tail keywords, you’ll see a larger amount of traffic to your site. Not only that, the traffic may tend to be visitors with more interest in your topic because they are searching for specific information.

How To Get Your Pages or Blog Posts Found in a Google Search

First, you want to target your article around a specific long tail keyword phrase. To do this, use the keyword phrase in the following places:

1 – in the page/blog title
2 – in the first paragraph
3 – in the middle paragraph
4 – in the last paragraph
5 – include the keywords in various versions in each paragraph, and no more than 8% of the total words on the page. For example. If your article is 100 words, then the keyword should not be on the page more than 8 times.

Do It Yourself SEO

Here are 4 approaches you can do yourself to build a stronger internet presence for your product or website:

1) Social Media Profiles
Having a profile using your name, or company name, on one of these social media sites will provide you with a great link and a higher ranking in Google searches:,,,
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Choosing a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

Naming Your Domain

One of the first steps, when building any website, is carefully choosing the correct name. The name of your website, known as the “domain” or “URL”, is an important marketing tool and requires careful consideration.

Over 80 million domains have been sold worldwide with the instantly recognizable “dotcom” extension. In addition, millions of other domain names have been registered, using the name extensions .org, .net, .biz, and .us, as well as country specific endings.
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SEO – What Is It?

A) What is Search Engine Optimization?

Optimization is the process of improving the volume of traffic to a web site delivered by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo dominate, with a combined market share of over 90% for search engines. Google dominates, being used for over 70% of internet searches.

The higher your website ranks on a search engine, the more searchers will visit your site. The goal of optimizing is to make your site more visible to the search engines and climb the rankings.
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SEO – White Hat vs Black Hat

When doing an SEO campaign there are many methods and techniques SEO experts employ. These techniques will fall within “white hat” (approved of by search engines) and “black hat” methods (not approved by search engines). Black hat methods are techniques employed to trick the search engines and to gain fast results or ranking. These results however, are short-lived and can often get your site banned from the search engines.

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO
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11 Ways to Add Useful Content on Your Website

1) Write your own content that your clients would find useful. If you’re a Financial Advisor you could include “how to” topics, such as:

How to Easily Prepare for Retirement
What You Need to Know About Estate Preservation
How to Get Out of Debt Forever
5 Steps to Financial Freedom
Easily Organize Your Personal Finances
Personal Financial Planning: What You Need to Know

If you have content or article, make your longer article smaller. Separate a larger article in to smaller size article with headings that contain keywords.

2) Hire someone to write content for you.
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