How to Write a Tagline in 6 Steps

How to Write a Tag Line

A tag line is an important marketing piece, typically seen with your company name and logo. It helps clarify the services and the value that your business delivers.

A great tag line is memorable, enlightens people about your business, and differentiates your company and product from competitors. Generally, a good tag line is a short, catchy phrase with an interesting and positive message delivered in 3-6 words.

1) Different Styles of Tag Lines

Tag lines that describe a service or product promise:

Life’s Brighter Under the Sun. Sun Life Financial
Bringing Dreams to Life. Manulife Financial
You’re In Good Hands with Allstate. Allstate Insurance

Tag lines that start with a verb and convey action:

Just Do It. Nike
Think different. Apple Computer
Don’t leave home without it. American Express

Tag lines that convey prestige or credibility, or leadership of a category:

The ultimate driving machine. BMW
The relentless pursuit of perfection. Lexus
The world’s online marketplace. eBay

Tag lines that are thought provoking or humorous:

Got milk? California Milk Processor Board
Where’s the beef? Wendy’s
Where do you want to go today? Microsoft

2) 6 Steps to Writing Your Tag Line

Step 1: Your Business

Write a list of every word you can think of that is related to your business, services and products. To find more words quickly, visit websites related to your business and make a short-list of relevant words and phrases.

Step 2: Your Product Benefits

Write a list of the benefits of your products and services, such as; ‘How does your product help your customer?’, or, turning the question around, ‘Why should I, the customer, care about your products or services?’

Step 3: Your Strengths

Write a list of your strengths and unique selling points. What makes you different from others in your business? What service do you deliver that is different?

One useful tip is to undertake some research on your competitors by looking them up on the Internet. Look at their websites to find out what tag lines they are using, if any, and try to judge if they would work for your business. You cannot simply copy their tag lines, but you might find some inspiration.

Step 4: Brainstorm Tag Lines

Using the lists of words and ideas that you made in Steps 1-3, make a list of potential tag lines. Choose your favorites from this list and experiment with them, in Step 5.

Step 5: The Final Test – Questions to ask about your tag lines:

• Is it visually appealing? How does your tag line look under your business name? Does it have an impact when used on your business card and website?

• Is it easy to say and remember?

• Are you speaking in a language and tone that your customers can understand?

• Does your tag line promise something that you can deliver?

• Does your tag line use different words from your company name? For example, if your company name already includes the word “insurance,” there is no need to use the word “insurance” in your tag line. If your company name does not use the word Insurance, and this is your primary product or service, then you should include the word in your tag line, for clarity of purpose.

• Do people like your tag line? Try out a few tag lines by asking friends and colleagues for feedback. Invite them to make any suggestions on how they could be improved or focused.

Step 6: Use Your Tag Line

Plaster your new tag line across your business cards, website, letterhead and any other marketing materials you use regularly. A good tag line will stick in the mind so you have to ensure that it receives maximum exposure.

3) Sample Tag Lines

Here are some sample tag lines that we thought of for insurance and financial services companies.
You are more than welcome to use any of these tag lines for your business. Please note, however, that if you do use any of these tag lines, you take the responsibility for being aware of any trademark or copyright ownership. We are not aware of any copyright or trademarks on these tag lines, but the onus is on you to double-check.

Achieve Financial Freedom
Building and Protecting Your Assets
Build the Foundation for Your Retirement
Building a Foundation for Your Retirement
Building a Foundation for Your Financial Freedom
Don’t Worry About the Future, Plan for It
Financial Freedom Is Possible
Financial Solutions for Your Future
Financial Solutions for Your Peace of Mind
For All Your Family’s Needs
Growing and Protecting Your Wealth
Helping People Protect Their Wealth
Helping You Create, Manage & Protect Your Wealth
Helping You Create Your Dreams
Helping You Manage the Risks of Everyday Living
Helping You Plan for Tomorrow
It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Start Protecting Your Family’s Future
Making Sure Your Loved Ones are Looked After
Our Mission is Your Financial Prosperity
Peace of Mind for Your Financial Future
Personal and Professional Advice to Help Guide You
Plan for the Unexpected
Planning for Your Financial Freedom
Planning is Your Best Protection
Protecting the Ones You Love
Protecting and Building Your Assets
Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future
Protecting Your Family
Protecting Your Wealth and Your Future
Serving Families in [name of city/town] Since 1993
Trusted Financial Advice Since 1999
The Benefits You Need Today to Protect Your Tomorrow
We Cover Your Assets
We’ve Got You Covered
We’ll Find the Right Insurance for You
Your Agent for Life
Your Dreams Become Our Goals
Your Financial Prosperity