1) How do I get started?
You can either call Virginia to talk about your website requirements, or send an email, if you have questions or would like Virginia to contact you.

2) When will I receive my completed website?
As soon as I receive your deposit payment, I begin working on your project.  I’ll need information from you in order to come up with an appropriate design suggestion that fits your needs.  In most cases, I can deliver a proposed website design to you within 5-7 business days of receiving your information.  Two parts of the process can slow us down:  1) your approval on the graphic design and 2) receipt of your information, logo, photos for your website.

3) Who owns my website?
I believe your website is an important asset of your business.

Unlike many website services, I do NOT hold your website hostage, nor do I charge you unnecessary fees. You won’t be required to pay monthly fees to keep your website live on the internet. When you purchase a website, I will help you register your website domain name and your hosting in YOUR name. We’ll then provide you with the account information you need to assure you have ownership and control over your website domain name and files.  You have perpetual use of your website.

You have ownership of your website and copyright on images and content that you provide. There are no subscription or licensing fees. Due to our licensing agreements with our providers, you may not resell your website, or use images that may have been purchased just for your site from stock photo agencies, without permission.

For more information, see the Terms of Service.

4) How much will it cost to maintain my website live on the internet?
There are NO monthly subscription fees or hidden fees related to your website. Your “hosting” (the rent you pay to maintain your website files on a hosted server is $7.98/month and you pay that directly to your hosting service).

You’ll receive an email notification to renew in 10 months. Your renewal fees are approximately $96 for hosting annually after the first year. Domain name registrations are typically $10-13 annually.  Services provided by Catch8.com, unless you request your hosting be serviced elsewhere.

5) Can I add pages, or special features, to my website later on?
Yes. Your website includes a “content management system,” which allows you to login to your website from any internet browser and edit/add pages, photos, etc.  You can grow your website to as many pages and blog posts as you like.

If you prefer, you can hire me to make changes to your website. Our rates to make future design and content changes on your website is $50/hour, pro-rated to the quarter hour after the first 1/2 hour. Minimum billable time is $35. ($50/hourly rate).